And here's my new acquaintance, Kirill, met often

Share on ftp pictures. I copied them to disk to house

show where I was and, of course, a guy who

met. Arriving home, I looked through all the pictures:

I was just the two pictures: one - the guy with whom

met, on the other - Lena - the programmer when

we carried wood for the fire. And here's my new acquaintance,

Kirill, met often in photographs. Mom decided that

we will meet with him, but when she learned that we do not

exchanged phone numbers, she said that nothing

okay, the main thing - a good rest, and left the


It took a couple of days on the street to me plantar our l

programmer Vadim: "Well, our l you Cyril?" Me: "No,

I found no one. " He said: "He called me, wanted to know

your phone number, and I do not have. Читать полностью -->

. Q: What should I do if the baby

in the legs.

. Q: Do I have to teach a child to wear panties

as adults do, holding

Time laterally?

A. No. One hand should be in front, and the second

Paradise - behind.

. Q: What should I do if the baby wet

panties, and in what order?

A: ) verbally express disapproval;

) ask him to work out;

) Perform the same procedure awareness wet


) Let it will replace the linen.

. Q: Do I need to encourage your child to complete the pi

written in the pot if he started easing


A. Читать полностью -->

Arrange a special

m o g e t s p r n t s y and z and x b l e n t s a y i m o l o o m.

H o m e r i o r m a t and s with n i o f r o b e p e n to a.

Child in her arms

Forget about what to do household chores, it is necessary to put the baby somewhere. Try to do things to the maximum one hand, postponing child literally a minute or two to use two hands, and immediately taking it back to the hand. Arrange a special place where you can put the baby next to those where you work at home. You can just carry around the house or stroller baby carry-lezhachok armchair.

It is important to take it back to the hands are not in the moment when he cried or otherwise expressed displeasure, but earlier. Thus the child gets used to the fact that mom can put it periodically and take back and that nothing bad will happen.

. . Читать полностью -->

We were imperceptibly

of all the food that Cyril was interested mostly in meat,

than bread or vegetables. We were imperceptibly

met and occasionally exchanged a few phrases.

It was evident that the guy wanted to talk, to communicate,

some it was too sad. At that time, I was not

much fun, and I wanted to talk to someone, in

human beings communicate. Apparently, however, and pulled us

to each other.

Did not think so pleasant and interesting spend time

on this trip. Then fire and I forgot about the sadness and about

loneliness, I was just nice and snug.

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With a R t (n o m e p o s o l and k, and with

with a R t (n o m e p o s o l and k, and with a l and m, m and with l o p a s t and t o m e n o f) - 150 g;

x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;

to o ^ e with m o l o o m - 200 m l.

2 - th s and t and p to:

PROOF of p g - 150 g;

s m e n t and a - 30 g;

b y t e r b r o d (x l e b, c s p) - 1 w t.;

h and d with l and m o n o m - 200 m l.

O b e d:

with yn and s to have p and q s with p and c o m - 250 m l;

n e h e n s to have p and n and I - 200 g;

and to w and g p h e n e c a I - 200 g;

x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;

THEOREM x g r e n c and d - 7-9 w t.;

m o r s - 200 m l.

Snack: fruit yogurt - 200 ml.


f and l e a r a n d and s h a p e h e n o n e - 200 g;

p and g in about a ra n o e (k a r a m p l e s to a n y s t a m o r k o v s, n o m e p o s e l s e n s

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